Agile Products

Effective Product Strategy

Developing a successful product is not down to luck or trying hard. Product success starts with making the right strategic decisions.

  • Validate product strategy with design thinking
  • Review product performance with lean budgets
  • Set the right priorities and establish a growth mindset
  • Implement your digital transformation with your product portfolio

Product Leadership with Scrum

The product owner is a product management role. Product management is a complex, multi-faceted discipline which takes time and effort to master.

  • Publish your vision, roadmap, and release plan
  • Connect your organization with strategy canvas and story maps
  • Growth your stakeholder involvement strategically and tactically
  • Master budget management and tough decisions
  • Select user experience and visual design solutions

Refinement of Product Backlog

A well refined product backlog facilitates the development of a successful product. It incorporates new insights and provides items ready to be implemented.

  • Refine and prioritize backlog
  • Promote acceptance criteria for stories and connect to development practices
  • Balance technical debt and product success
  • Use fitness functions for non-functional requirements

Learning and Emergence

Collaborators have to learn and implement changes at a faster pace. The agile pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation establish a high learning environment and empower you to deliver game changing products.

  • Deploy minimal viable product MVP
  • Sell minimal marketable product MMP
  • Manage the whole product lifecycle
  • Modernize your successful digital products