We are always achieving, always improving, always learning

Agile Organisations

We are catalysts. We untangle situations and organizations. We energize the transformation process.We teach, coach and mentor. We work directly with teams and managers to help them figure out how to improve their processes.

We provide organizational, team and technical coaching.

We support companies transition to Agile and Lean software product development using a combination of interviews, training, workshops, and coaching.

Agile Teams

We motivate through inspirational talks (1 – 3 hours) on topics such as Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, LeSS and eXtreme Programming.

Team workshops (half or full day), where we help teams address practical issues such as how to coordinate multiple teams, create a Kanban board, how to scale agile release planning, how to write good user stories, etc.

We facilitate Agile, Lean, LeSS, and Scrum meetings such as retrospectives or sprint planning meetings.

Agile Innovation

We manage workshops, to help managers or customers understand what Agile & Lean is all about and what it means to them.

We enable Design Thinking and promote Lean development approaches.

Agile Techniques

We organize Tech practices workshops, where I use live coding and exercises to illustrate agile technical practices such as TDD (test-driven development), Pair Programming, Continuous Delivery, and provide an environment in which people can practice these techniques.

We bootstrap agile development using CI, CD, TTD, ATTD, Git.